Meet The Team

Our Story:

Like every good idea Perfect Plumbing began with a problem.
The problem was simple: trustworthy plumbing was hard to find and harder to afford.

So we got to work.

12 years later our team of skilled technicians maintains the Perfect Plumbing standard of excellence you won’t find anywhere else. As a family run business we keep things simple and sweet. From the time you speak with Rachel at the office to the close of each service call or project our priority is quality workmanship. After all, a good plumber is a plumber you won’t need to call back for awhile. That’s how we save you money.

That’s Perfect.

Since our start in 2008 we’ve expanded our mission beyond quality workmanship to include quality drinking water for our homeowners. As plumbers we spend a lot of time controlling, treating, testing, and thinking about water and the things that make it dirty.

We believe that clean water is a basic right.
It should be simple (like finding a reliable plumber), readily available and leave money in your pocket.

We also believe that there’s something we can do about it.
Like all our service our water filtration systems are above the average and leave you with a problem solved.
Browse our Clean Water Movement page to learn more about our commitment to water purity straight from the tap for every homeowner in the DMV.

Perfect Plumbing. Why settle for less?



“I’m glad to be a part of this team of skilled guys. They’ve taught me a lot about the ins and outs of plumbing. That’s definitely the best part – knowing I’m learning new skills from the best in the business.”

Quick and courteous – that’s our Cam. We’re always impressed with Cam’s willing and humble attitude, and so are our customers. According to Cam, Perfect Plumbing isn’t perfect until the customer is 100% satisfied.



“My favorite part of working for Perfect P. is the professionalism that everyone in the company strives for. No matter the job, whether a small home or million dollar mansion, every customer gets the same quality of workmanship.”

As a recent addition to Perfect Plumbing Chris has brought years of valuable plumbing experience to the team. When he’s not putting out fires (literally, he's also a fireman!) or raising the bar for strong work ethic on the job with Perfect Plumbing you can find him relaxing with his favorite hobbies - hunting and fishing.



“I love the easy-going work atmosphere with Perfect Plumbing. I think it’s a testament to the quality of people here that we’ve got the best of both worlds: high quality for customers and happy employees behind the scenes.”

Dennis is family and a long time member of the Perfect Plumbing team. His personal commitment to excellent customer service is evident in all of his work. As an example to many of our part-time helpers, Dennis embodies attention to detail, consideration for the customers’ needs and a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure everything is perfect.



“Perfect Plumbing allows me to work with some of the best guys I know. That’s my favorite part, being able to work side-by-side with such great coworkers.”

Paul is a Perfect Plumbing OG. For years he’s grown with us, helping to refine our characteristic Perfect Plumbing standard and providing excellent service work for hundreds and hundreds of homeowners. His proudest achievement so far: earning his Journeyman Plumber Certification.


Office Manager

“Family-run businesses are the best kind of businesses. It’s a genuine pleasure to support these guys behind the scenes. My favorite part of the job is doing what I can to make each appointment simpler and more satisfying for our customers and our plumbers.”

Rachel has been with Perfect Plumbing for 4 years, and is usually both the first and last impression for each of our customers. Got a question? Call Rachel. She runs our social media pages, answers every phone call, keeps up with paperwork and emails, and fills in the gaps to keep Perfect Plumbing running smoothly.



“I really value the ability to bring clean drinking water to homes. It’s important work, and being a plumber teaches me not to take it for granted. And running gas lines is a lot of fun too!”

As is true of all the Perfect Plumbing mechanics, Sam is trustworthy and skilled. He’s a valuable asset to the team for both service calls and new construction, and a big supporter of our clean water movement. We love that our employees share in our commitment to stewardship, and our customers will love how that’s reflected in Sam’s work.